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September 16, 2013 / BTM

What’s on Your List?

Have you ever made a list of what kinds of wisdom and knowledge you hope to pass on to your kids while they are still under your roof?

Perhaps you are like us and have many general ideas of what you felt was important for your children to know in order to stand firm in their faith as adults.  But have you ever written them all down?  We hadn’t, and that was the exercise that gave us the proverbial kick in the pants to start being purposeful about our parenting right now.

Here is the growing list of topics we want to teach our children before they are adults:

– The reliability of the Bible

– The Christian worldview

– Making their Christian faith their own

– Having a sense of purpose in life – or, living in light of eternity

– Handling peer pressure

– Managing money God’s way

– Critical thinking skills

– Basic politics

– Basic economics

– Sex and Gender

– How to study the Bible in context

– The case for the resurrection of Jesus

– God and science (the origin of the universe and life, evolution)

– Christian and church history

– Theology

– Human rights from a Christian perspective

– Biblical social justice

– Other religions and how to reach them

– God and the problem of evil

– What would life be like if God did not exist?

– The value and sanctity of life

Can anyone say gulp??  Okay, don’t be overwhelmed.  But, as you can see, we have our work cut out for us.  And yes, we have been finding ways to teach our 6 and 8 year olds these topics!  More on that in posts to come.

What’s on your list?  Do you see things on ours that are also on yours?  Why not write our your own list to kick start your own plans?  Then stay tuned, I hope that we can help each other!



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