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October 10, 2013 / BTM

Most Parents Aren’t Ready to Train Their Own Kids

This is the conclusion of Brett Kunkle (Stand to Reason), who spends a lot of his time training junior and senior high school students to understand and keep their faith during the onslaught of opposition that can hit them in university or college.

And its why we plan to train our kids in scripture and discipleship, as well as Christian apologetics.

A couple of days ago, Brett posted an experience he had role playing an atheist at a Christian school in North Carolina.  He had been teaching the junior and senior high school students at Village Academy, and invited the students’ parents to join in his presentation of the intellectual challenges awaiting their kids at college or university.  He illustrates his role play in a video.

Brett wrote:

I’ve never had someone cry after my atheist role-play.  Until now.


There was no surprise factor.  The parents knew who I was and the Christian organization I represented.  Indeed, I told the audience what I was about to do, turned my back on them for just a moment, and then turned round again in full atheist character.  I jumped into my role and they jumped into theirs, attempting to defend the faith against atheist professor “Dr. Kunkle.”  Sadly, they were ill equipped to handle my challenges.  I was glad to see their fighting spirit, but their responses were only vigorous in style, not substance.  After half-an-hour, many parents were exasperated and I ended the role-play.

“How was that for you?” I asked.  “Extremely frustrating,” was the immediate parental consensus.

“Why was it so frustrating?” I pressed.  One mom blurted out, “Because I didn’t have any good answers.”  As soon as the words left her mouth, tears began streaming down her cheeks.  It was a painful recognition of her own inadequacy and she knew what was at stake.  As I glanced around the room, other parents were nodding in agreement, eyes moist with their own tears.


I looked that mom in the eyes and gently replied, “I know exactly how you feel.  I felt that way, too, when Dr. David Lane was dismantling my Christianity in front of my peers, in my college philosophy class.”  I told the parents my story and encouraged them to prepare themselves so, in turn, they can prepare their own kids.


Afterward, parent after parent thanked me.  They expressed their deep appreciation for the wake-up call, despite the accompanying painful realizations.  And the mom who burst into tears?  She walked up and gave me a big hug.  Then she shared how her 21-year old son, a student at Duke University, had turned his back on Christ while at college.  She was convicted to begin a dialogue with him, as well as with her second son, a junior at Village Academy.


Oftentimes, we don’t take the necessary steps toward growth until we’re made to feel uncomfortable.  That night, parents at Village Academy Christian School felt very uncomfortable and they were motivated to make changes.  But what about you?  If you were confronted by the claims of an atheist or skeptic, how would you answer?  Could you answer?  And can you prepare your kids to answer?

This is an important challenge for all of us.  We don’t know what our kids will face in life, but let’s prepare them to weather all the storms and challenges, by the grace of God and through our intentional building up of their faith, character and knowledge now.

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