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October 25, 2013 / BTM

Great DVD for Teens: Is the Bible Reliable?

TrueU bible pictI’ve spent a lot of time sharing some ideas of how we’ve begun to teach our young children that the Bible and its authors are reliable.  I think it is really important to ensure that your children understand why the Bible is historically reliable before they have moved out from under your roof.  But the younger, the better, because it then becomes part of the foundation for their faith.

Those with teenagers will need more detail that my activities to date are designed to impart.  However, teaching your teens about the reliability of the Bible is really easy to do with Focus on the Family’s TrueU DVD called: Is the Bible Reliable?  It’s also a great tool for parents to educate themselves.

This DVD is really awesome. It features Dr. Stephen Meyer, who is one of my favorite apologists – he is down to earth, an excellent communicator and creates a very compelling case.

Here’s an excerpt from the back cover of the DVD:

Who is God and how can we know Him?  The Bible claims to be the direct revelation of our Creator.  So, if the biblical record is true, it is a primary means by which the God of the universe has revealed Himself to mankind.  However, if it can be proved false, then the God of whom it speaks is simply one more pretender in the assembly of gods that man has created.

Dr. Stephen Meyer challenges you to examine the historical and archaeological evidence to determine for yourself the veracity and accuracy of scripture.  Is the Bible true?  You decide.

I love how the DVD does not give you the option of thinking: “Decide if you like the God of the Bible or not.  If He works for you, great; if He doesn’t, that’s okay too.”  Instead, the emphasis is: either the Bible is a true and reliable revelation of the one true God, or it’s nothing.

That’s what’s at stake.  Knowing the answer to this question will be incredibly empowering and faith building for young people struggling to decide if they will live for God, or go their own way in a world that is increasingly hostile toward the Christian faith.

We know that the Bible is central to our faith.  Let’s not give our kids the chance of fading away from Christianity on account of not knowing how reliable the Bible and its authors are.

I personally think this DVD is a must have!


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