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October 29, 2013 / BTM

How Do You Fit Purposeful Teaching Into Your Schedule?

I struggle with finding the time to prepare and teach our kids these faith lessons in God that I’ve been sharing in this blog.  NB:  We consider purposeful training to be over and above reading and discussing the Bible together as a family.

I’ve gone through good spurts, and bad ones.  Sometimes when I’ve managed to clear out my schedule and focus on lessons, they’ve bombed or I’ve done a horrible job communicating them to our kids.

But one thing I do know: God has placed a responsibility on each of us to steward and raise the children He has blessed us with.  There will always be distractions.  But there also has to be a way to fit purposeful teaching into our schedules!

Here are some ideas I’ve come across that have been helpful for us:

Just start.  If you feel that you haven’t been taking an active enough role in training up your kids, and you want to change that, just start with something.  Anything!  Then be encouraged and take another step.  It might take several attempts to find something that works for your family and your children; that’s okay.

Make the most of PD Days and holidays.  I try to have activities prepared for PD Days and school holidays (Christmas, March Break).  Then I clear a few minutes each day – no more than half an hour – to teach the kids on some topic.  When there are multiple days, I often try to have a theme, because then I feel like I’ve built toward something.

Make the most of summer holidays.  The bulk of my training happens during the summer holidays.  I try to do something faith building each day, except during the few weeks when we are away together on a family holiday.

Piggy back on Christian holidays.  I always try to have an activity for Christmas and Easter that centres on Christ and focuses our minds and hearts on Him.

Start a Family Night one night a week.  Some families choose this option and prepare one lesson per week.  It gives a lot of consistency.

Work smaller aspects of training into your daily Bible Study with your kids.  This would probably require a different approach than the ideas I’ve been discussing in this blog, but you could target different topics as you read through the Bible or study Biblical themes with your children on a daily basis.

Create a target number of lessons for each month and plan when you will teach them.  If you are able to stick to a schedule like this, this approach might work best for you.

Get older kids to help.  If you have a large age range, you can enlist your older kids to help teach the younger ones.  This is a great way to train your older children as well!

Start today by looking for resources to assist you.  You might like some of what I’ve outlined in previous blogs.  The internet is a great source for ideas.  Or, find a book at your church library.

You CAN do it!!!  Just make a plan and do your best to keep it.  Keep accountable with your husband or wife.  Rejoice in your successes.  Know that you are not alone.  Ask for God’s help.  Be prepared for your schedule to try to squeeze out training your kids in their faith – and then fight back!

Please share with us what you’ve been doing, where you go to find resources, or how you’ve managed to fit training into your schedule.  Leave a comment below or send me an email.


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