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October 30, 2013 / BTM

Where Do You Begin With Teaching Faith to Your Kids?

That’s a good question.  I don’t know.  The fact is, every family is different.

Here’s an exercise, partly gleaned from Children Desiring God, to get you started.  Ask yourself:

–        What do I want to be true for my children in 20 years?

–        What understanding of God do I want them to have?

–        How do I want them to understand and live out the gospel?

–        What do I want their faith to look like?

–        What kind of knowledge of the Bible do I want them to have?

–        What kind of husband/wife/father/mother do I want them to be?

–        What kind of person do I want them to be when tragedy strikes?  When they face death?  When they have doubts in God?  When their faith is attacked?  When they face serious temptation?

If you can get a sense of your end goals, then you can break these goals down into smaller, age appropriate ones.

For young children (8 and under), focus on facts related to each of your goals.  This is what I am mainly focusing on right now with our kids.

For children 9-12-ish, develop their sense of logic and deduction.  If X, then Y type thinking.  What follows from what they’ve read or learned?  How do they apply it?

For teens, give them a chance to see how their faith and knowledge stand up to a challenge.  Practice the kinds of challenges that they will face and allow them to try to defend or activate their faith in those situations.  Provide them with people to talk to who can tell them first-hand how they trusted God or applied their faith in difficult life situations.

Of course, we know that God is the source and giver of faith.  However, He has placed a responsibility on us to be faithful in raising our children to know and serve Him.  Without a plan, we can’t get there short of a miracle.  To get a sense of our plan, visit: What’s on Your List?

Please share your thoughts – was this helpful?  How have you gone about creating a vision or plan for training up your children in the faith?  Please share your ideas with us or leave a comment!


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