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November 6, 2013 / BTM

Who are your Heros?

Did you have a hero growing up?  Do you have some now?

I don’t mean superheros.  I mean Christian heros.  Ones outside of Jesus.  Ones who inspire you, reveal more of God to you, and challenge you to become more than you currently are.

Businessman Wearing Cape

I was listening to a podcast that got me thinking about the need for appropriate heros for boys and girls to look up to.  I definitely didn’t have Christian heros growing up.  In fact, I can’t recall having any heros that I looked up to and wanted to emulate.

If you haven’t already, why not start to introduce your kids to the kinds of qualities that make for Christian role models?  It seems to me that everyone should have heros that are average as well as those that are extraordinary.

Extraordinary heros

These kinds of heros dare us to dream big.  Brother Andrew inspired me to be a missionary in Russia (which I did for two years).  Corrie Ten Boom inspired me to see God in all circumstances, good and bad.  Eric Liddell inspired me to be true to my convictions, regardless of the personal cost.  Dedrich Bonhoeffer inspired me to think deeply about how to apply Biblical truths to the challenges in my everyday life.  The enduring persecuted Christian gives me perspective on my ‘problems’.  The Muslim Background Believer with a young family who stays in his home country to minister, despite great personal risk, inspires me to serve God with a view to eternity.

Every church library has books on famous missionaries or pivotal thinkers of the Christian faith.  There are tons of these kinds of resources on the internet as well.  Introduce your kids to these kinds of inspirational heros and discuss not only what they did to enable them to be used by God, but what you learn about God as a result of the hero’s life.  Behind every Christian hero is God.  The thing about extraordinary heros is that they started average and God chose to use them to accomplish something extraordinary.

Average heros

These are the tangible heros that kids can more easily relate to.  Who do you admire?  Talk about these average heros to your children.  The pastor who God uses greatly, but who remains humble and approachable.  The teenager who always dresses modestly and treats her male peers with respect, instead of being flirtatious.  The person who always uses their time and money to invest in eternity.  The person who faced great temptation to compromise or abandon their faith or face personal loss, but stood true to God.

Heros are male and female

If you have young boys, make sure they have male role models to look up to; role models who display courage, commitment to family, leadership, integrity, perseverance, making the right decision in difficult times, being faithful to God regardless of the circumstances.

If you have young girls, provide them with female role models who treat men with respect, demonstrate integrity, perseverance, remain faithful to God despite how life turns out, who have learned how to be a true Biblical helpmate to their husbands, who have guarded their homes, emulated self-control, purposefully invested in their children for eternity.

You know your children best.  Add to the list as you see fit and as your children’s specific needs require.

I’d love to hear from you!  Do you have Christian heros?  Who are they?  Have you done something to inspire your children to have Christian heros?


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