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November 7, 2013 / BTM

I Have (Re)discovered the Importance of Passion

candleI have spent a lot of time wondering how to effectively pass on our faith to our kids.  How do we really ensure that they make the Christian faith their own?

Of course, the answer is, we can’t.  It’s God’s business to ignite and grow faith.  We are called to be faithful in training them up in the faith.  They must choose to make it their own.

But, I have discovered, or rather rediscovered, that passion makes a huge impact on our kids’ receptivity.   I mean genuine passion, not the phoney stuff.

When God has revealed or re-revealed something to us, and grabbed  a hold of us on a specific truth or discovery, we have a natural passion that radiates something compelling to others.  I’ve witnessed this in my own life many times, including on numerous occasions with our kids.  You can talk about forgiveness or trusting God during hard times all you want, but when the scars and joys of doing so are still etched on your own body, you speak with a megaphone.

This begs the question: are you passionate about your faith?  (I hope so!)  I realize in my own life that there are areas I am more passionate about than others.  Some of those areas of  lesser passion are ones that I need to ask God to help me in.  But one thing is clear, a lukewarm Christian is unlikely to pass on their faith.

So, I’ve decided to try my best to share the things I learn in my walk with God with my kids while the passion is burning strong.  How about you?


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