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January 14, 2014 / BTM

Which Would You Rather Have?

IMG_4670We played a bit of a mean trick on our kids recently.  When they arrived at the dinner table, they found a puddle of green mush on their plates.

We prayed, thanking God for our food, and then invited them to ‘dig in’.

Our older son was distressed.  Our younger one ventured a few small bites.

What was going on?  Had I resolved to become a terrible cook in 2014?  Is it possible that this has anything to do with passing on our Christian faith to our kids?

The puddle of green mush was blended peas.  Baby food from a jar.  They didn’t seem to like it as much at 6 and 8 as they had as babies.

We pointed this observation out to them, and asked: “You used to love this stuff, why don’t you love it anymore?”

The answer, of course, is because they’ve grown up.  They’ve learned how to use their teeth and they have tried a wider variety of food.  In short, they’ve outgrown baby food.  Now they want more interesting fare – like pizza.

Fortunately for them, I’d actually made pizza for dinner, and they were very relieved when we took away the green mush and brought it out.

Believe it or not, the green mush did have a faith connection.  We wanted to start helping our kids to dig into their Bibles a bit more.  Both of our kids can read.  They both have their own Bibles.  We wanted to start to teach them not just how to ‘swallow’ what they read in the Bible, but to ‘chew’ on it as well.  They needed to learn how to flex their spiritual teeth a bit more.

This meal was our way of creating an object lesson to introduce them to the idea of ‘chewing’ on the Bible.  It was a beginning step to learning how to study the Bible for themselves – a skill that will be critical to their lifelong faith.  Every child needs to be guided through this process, and the discipline of reading and thinking about passages in the Bible should start as early as possible.

I’ll tell you how we did this practically in my next post.  I hope you’ll share your experiences with us as well.

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