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January 28, 2014 / BTM

Fingerprint #1: Who Is The Big Banger?

univ exists fingerprintIn my last post, I provided a bit of background on why the existence of the universe is evidence for an all powerful, creator God.  In this post, I’ll outline the first activity relating to what we can learn about God through General Revelation (ie: what has been created).

Activity: Who is the Big Banger?

One Saturday morning when we were all just waking up, I quickly got on my jacket and purse, and announced to everyone that I was going to the store for something and would be back shortly.  My husband, who knew what I was all about, distracted the kids while I made sure to slam the front door before slipping quietly into the basement.  We were about to try an experiment to discover if something could be created out of nothing.

After a few minutes, my husband enticed our kids to the main level and engaged them in some sort of activity.   In the basement, I picked up a hammer and slammed it against a metal object we had prearranged for me to use the night before.  It created a huge clang which could be heard on the main level.

I could hear the reaction from the basement.  Our oldest child asked in alarm: “What was that, Dad?”

My husband answered very non-chalantly: “What? That noise?  Oh, it was nothing.”

“But what was it?” our oldest pressed.

“Nothing.  Nothing made that noise,” my husband answered.

“Something made it,” he insisted.

The plan was working.  I decided to slam the hammer against the metal object again, just for fun.  There was some discussion about what the noise was, this time from both kids.

“The noise just made itself,” my husband explained.

They were not buying it, and decided to investigate.  When the three of them arrived in the basement, they found mom with a hammer in her hand.  Mom was the Big Banger.  She was the cause of the big bang they had heard.

Our kids had just proven a point made by atheist Kai Nielsen: “Suppose you suddenly hear a loud bang … and you ask me, “What made that bang?” and I reply, “Nothing, it just happened”.  You would not accept that.”

We asked our kids if it would ever be possible for nothing to make the big bang that they’d heard in the basement.  They couldn’t think of a single instance of an affect coming without a cause.  We then explained to the kids that some people think the universe popped into existence – something called the Big Bang – all by itself with nothing to create it.  The exercise we’d just been through helped them to understand that this didn’t make sense.

If you missed the alternate explanations given by atheists on the origin of the universe in yesterday’s post, here is the link again.  The explanations are too sophisticated for our kids, but if your children are older, you should consider them together.  Only knowing one side of the argument is only so helpful.

In my next post I’ll share a different kid-friendly idea to illustrate the concept that something can’t come from nothing, as we look for God’s fingerprints in what He’s created.


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  1. Jorge Gil Calderon / Jan 28 2014 2:21 pm

    What a great blog !!! recommend by my good friend Wintery Knight !! Thank you for doing this, such a great resource for parents, I will definitely add this to my Apolodad toolkit for parenting and share it with my friends at church and online !! Thank you again and God Bless !!

    • BTM / Jan 28 2014 2:23 pm

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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