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February 5, 2014 / BTM

God’s Fingerprints Across The Universe

luxury houseImagine that you are walking along a deserted road when you suddenly notice a building in the distance.  As you approach the building, you notice that it is a house and that your favorite type of car, painted your favorite colour, is parked in the driveway.  A sign in front of the house has your name written on it.  As you go up to the front door, you see your name on the mail in the mailbox.  The front door in unlocked, so you enter.  Inside, the rooms are laid out and decorated exactly to your tastes.  The kitchen is stocked with your favorite food.  Your favorite movies and books line the living room walls (or are hidden in decorative boxes, which ever you prefer).  The clothes in the closets fit you perfectly and are just what you like to wear.

Which would you conclude:

a) Hmm, what a coincidence!

b) Hey, who knows all about my preferences and outfitted this place up just for me in a location where they knew I’d stumble upon it?

The analogy I used is not original to me.  Something like it is often used to explain just how special our universe is to support life.  It’s called the ‘fine-tuning of the universe’.

I’m prefacing each of my Fingerprint activities with an ‘Apologetics for Parents’ backgrounder for those parents who are new to the world and ideas of Christian apologetics.  It blew my mind when I first learned about the fine-tuning of the universe.

Here are the basics of what you need to know about our finely-tuned universe:

– Since the 1980s, we have discovered over 35 (some say there are as many as 50 now) separate physical or cosmological parameters that must be exactly as they are, all at the same time, in order to allow for a universe hospitable for life.

– A partial list of these parameters includes: force of gravity, the cosmological constant, the electromagnetic force, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the speed of light, Planck’s constant, proton mass, electron mass, mass density of the universe, Carlson energy resonance, etc.  Here is a link to Vertias Forum video given by Robin Collins that will give you a fuller explanation of this evidence.

Here are some examples of how finely tuned these constants are:

– If you take a ruler and stretch it across the known universe and divided it into one inch segments (that would be billions and billions of one-inch segments), you would have the full range of forces that gravity could have potentially been.  If you changed the gravitational force by one of those one-inch segments, everything human-sized or larger would be crushed (i.e. we couldn’t exist, the gravitational force would be too high).

– If you increase the difference in the mass between protons and neutrons by 1/700, nuclear fusion in stars stops and we have no energy source for life.

– The cosmological constant is the energy density of empty space.  If it was large and positive, matter would not stick together in the early universe to allow planets to form.  If it was large and negative, the universe would have re-collapsed on itself.

Either these constants ‘just happened’ to all land on exactly the same parameters required for life, or they were fine-tuned that way by a Fine-Tuner.  To illustrate the point, the likelihood of having gravity and the cosmological constant to be exactly what they need to be to create conditions that support life is to the precision of one atom in the entire known universe.  That’s pretty precise.

Remember, there’s over 35 of these parameters that have to be set just so in order for life to exist.  Imagine a giant slot machine with over 35 dials that need to line up precisely.  There’s a reason people lose money at slot machines – the probability of those numbers lining up at the same time is small.

Some say that fine-tuning does not actually exist, but they go counter to the majority of scientists.  Atheist physicists who grapple with the incredible fine-tuning of the universe suggest that our universe is one of many universes (we have a ‘multiverse’), and that ours just ‘happened’ to get all the proper parameters for life.  Unfortunately, without any evidence for this hypothesis, it can only go so far.

There is, of course, a lot more you could learn about this topic, but I’ve given you the basics as a  start.  I’m going to share more on this topic in a few days.

Try this child-friendly activity to teach this lesson to your children.


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  1. Carrie / Feb 5 2014 10:47 am

    The link below leads to a YouTube temporary posting of a debate that took place at the Creation Museum last night (Feb.4, 2014), between Ken Ham and Bill Nye.

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