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March 4, 2014 / BTM

What God’s Fingerprints Tell Us

summary fingerprintThe fingerprints I’ve chosen for the Finding the Fingerprints of God series are not arbitrary.  These fingerprints represent some of the most concrete evidences outside the Bible for the existence of God.  They illustrate some of the ways in which science demonstrates that belief in God is both rational and logical.

When Lee Strobel was on his journey to determine if there was any scientific evidence to affirm the existence of God, one of the people he interviewed was Stephen Meyers.  (Strobel’s journey from belief in Darwinian evolution to the Christian God is described in The Case for a Creator).  In the interview, Strobel asked: “Could you list, say, half a dozen examples of how you believe science points towards theism?”

Here’s a summary of Meyer’s answer:

–        Big Bang theory and its accompanying underpinning in general relativity, which point to a definite origin of the universe.  There is no naturalistic explanation for the origin of the universe;

–        Anthropic fine-tuning – the fundamental laws and parameters of physics have precise numerical values.  Nothing requires them to be this way, and yet life would be impossible if they were not calibrated precisely as they are;

–        The origin of life and of the information (DNA) required to bring life into existence.  Darwinian theory cannot explain the origin of this information;

–        irreducibly complex molecular machines that defy Darwinian explanation;

Meyer added a category that I have not covered yet: human consciousness.  Our capacity for self-reflection, creativity, morality, language, etc. supports the Judeo-Christian view that we are more than our material bodies.

When I did this series of activities with our kids, I wanted them to understand the evidences for God in General Revelation as a ‘set’.  I hung the picture at the beginning of this post on the wall near our kitchen table and over the course of a few weeks we slowly added each of the fingerprints as we discovered them through the activities I’ve shared with you.

Unveiling the activities in this way illustrated to our kids that all of the fingerprints worked together and told us different things about God.  Plus, it created some curiosity about what the next fingerprints would be.

I would love to know if you have found this series useful!   I will share some bonus fingerprints with you in the next few posts.


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  1. Daniel M. Klem / Mar 4 2014 11:19 am

    For years we have been using science to support the Bible with our youth group. This has helped focus some of those thoughts. So, yes, this series has been useful! Thanks!

    • BTM / Mar 5 2014 9:46 am

      Thanks for writing back! Good for you for bringing since into your youth group teaching. I’d love to know more about what you’ve done it you are interested in sharing it.

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