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March 5, 2014 / BTM

Spring Break Challenge!

Rear View of Boy Leaping into AirI have a confession to make.  I only just realized that spring break is next week (at least it is for our kids)!  Had I realized that earlier, I would have put this challenge out to you sooner.

Here it is anyway: What are you planning to do with your kids over Spring Break?

Fun activities?  Getting together with friends?  Travel?

Us too, minus the travel.  But I also plan to spend about half an hour each day teaching our kids something about God and their faith and I want to challenge you to do the same!

How abut making a concerted effort to try a few of the activities on this blog site?

This is actually how we got started being proactive about teaching our kids more about Christianity.  I try to have something ready for summer holidays, spring break and PD Days.  I figure that if I can proactively use those holidays as a way to teach our kids important things about their faith, I’ll be able to make a big dent in the list of topics that we want to cover with our kids while they still live under our roof.

Here are some Spring Break ready activities you could try:

Why not try a few of them during your Spring Break?

I’m preparing a series of Pro-life activities for our kids that I’ll share with you after Spring Break.  Also coming up on this blog: Easter Activities that will help you to convey the real meaning of the season.

Whatever you do over Spring Break, enjoy the precious children God has given you and make the most of your window of opportunity to train them up in the fear and the knowledge of the Lord.

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