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March 14, 2014 / BTM

Great (and Mostly Free) Science Resources for Tweens and Teens

fav resourcesI’ve posted a lot about science and faith in this past series on Finding the Fingerprints of God.  In my effort to make learning this information as simple as possible for you, here is a round up of some of my favorite beginner-level resources.  I’ve ranked them from easiest to more in-depth and indicated which age levels I think they are best suited for.  I hope you find the list useful!

——————– EASIEST ——————–

Here are some great, user friendly introductory videos that can quickly bring you up to speed on some of the major issues relating to science and faith.

UMOL DVD Cover for Web.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life is a one-hour DVD that looks at the role of DNA and explores what DNA reveals about life’s origins.  It is very basic and suitable for viewing and discussing with tweens and teens.

You could order your own copy, or watch the free version on YouTube.



darwins dilemma.

Darwin was puzzled by the failure of the fossil record to support his theory.  The DVD Darwin’s Dilemma looks specifically at the evidence of the fossil record, and particularly that of the Cambrian Explosion that so baffled Darwin.  It is just over one hour and very user-friendly for tweens and teens.

Order the DVD or watch it for free on YouTube (unfortunately with Russian subtitles).



The Privileged Planet discusses the numerous finely-tuned factors that make planet earth hospitable for complex life.  Again, it is one hour long and suitable for tweens and teens.

Order the DVD or watch it for free on YouTube.




I haven’t discussed this topic yet in my blog, but the Icons of Evolution DVD is a great way to teach your kids how to think for themselves when presented with some of the alleged evidences in support of evolution.  As your kids will not likely learn the fatal flaws with these evidences for evolution in school, prepare them with this video.  It’s just less than an hour in length and suitable for teens.

Buy the book or DVD.


——————– DIG IN A BIT DEEPER ——————–


Based on the book by Lee Strobel, the Case for a Creator has been made into an hour-long video that will give you a very high level introduction to many of the topics that I’ve covered in the Finding the Fingerprints of God series.  The book is a must read, but start with the video if you are new to these topics.  The video is suitable for teens and tweens, the book for teens.

Buy the book or video, or watch the video for free on YouTube.



Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed exposes the persecution that some scientists and educators are facing after they openly questioned the validity of the theory of evolution.  Ben Stein investigates the silencing of evolution’s critics from the point of view of freedom of speech.  It should be studied and discussed with teens who may find themselves facing similar hostility from their own educators.  Buy the DVD or watch for free on YouTube.



trueu does god existTrueU’s (Focus on the Family) Does God Exist DVD kit is a set of ten 30-minute discussions lead by Dr. Stephen Meyers that covers Big Bang Cosmology (the origin and fine tuning of the universe and our solar system), DNA and the Moral Argument for God’s existence.  It is designed to lead teens (and their parents) through the major evidences for God’s existence outside of the Bible.  The kit includes study questions to spark discussion after each session.  It’s very user-friendly and very informative, but best suited for teens.  Buy the DVD.


There are many more in-depth and super in-depth resources out there that I will recommend in the future.  I hope that these help you to get started!

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