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May 14, 2014 / BTM

Free Teaching Resources for Parents

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Summer vacation is almost here!  Here’s your reminder to consider making a plan to teach your child something new about your faith this summer!

To this end, a friend passed along a link to a website by Bible Study Fellowship that has some resources designed for parents raising young children.  The lessons are geared more toward the parent than the child, and provide some encouragement and insight into various topics related to teaching the Bible or parenting in general.  I wanted to share them with you in time for summer.


Bible Study Fellowship states on their website that these resources are available to anyone, even if you do not attend their Bible Studies.  The topics are very varied and include lesson on:

  • Explaining the Bible
  • Understanding your child’s individuality
  • Teaching the Beatitudes
  • Teaching your child how to pray
  • Helping children to overcome fear
  • Failures and discouragement in parenting
  • And a lot more.

Perhaps you’d like to draw on some of these this summer if they pinpoint a certain need or challenge you are facing with your children.

Here again are some other ideas of what you could do this summer with your kids:

Summer Challenge! – for children and tweens

$ummer Training – for teens



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