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May 21, 2014 / BTM

Prolife Apologetics for Kids

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I have personally found that kids easily ‘get’ the prolife position.  Perhaps it’s because they are much closer to being that preborn human in their mother’s womb, or perhaps it’s that they realize how vulnerable they are to the decisions of their parents.  Either way, our own children feel that it’s ‘obvious’ that a child in the womb is a human being with innate human rights.

Unfortunately, ‘it’s obvious’ isn’t a sufficient answer in society any more.  At some point our kids are going to be barraged and potentially confused by abortion rhetoric.  I decided recently to start to instill some reasons around why we know that a preborn child is, in fact, a human being, early on.

This activity is based on the fact that each human being, from the moment of conception, has a unique DNA fingerprint.  You’ve may know that detectives and the police can use DNA evidence to determine who committed a crime.  They can do this because every person has unique DNA sequencing in every cell of his or her body.  Specifically, 99% of the DNA in your body is the same as other humans and identifies you as a human rather than a whale or a blade of grass.  One percent of your DNA is totally unique to you and this is what enables detectives to determine which person committed a crime or was at a crime scene.  Whether it’s your hair, skin, blood, etc., at the molecular level, all the cells in your body carry that unique DNA sequencing.  It’s called your DNA fingerprint.

To bring this concept to life, I had our kids inspect their own fingerprints.  Each person’s fingerprints are unique to themselves.  However, fingerprints follow three basic patters: whorls, arches or loops.

Using a washable ink pad or paint, have your kids make copies of their fingerprints onto a piece of paper to inspect.  Alternatively, do as we did and use a hand-held magnifying glass to inspect your fingerprints.

Have your kids compare the patterns that they see on their fingers to these pictures of fingerprint patterns to determine which formations their fingerprints follow.  Notice how they are similar between each of your child’s fingers, and between children.

If you wish, look up more information about fingerprints or how the police use them to solve crimes on the internet.

Wrap up by telling your children that they have another unique fingerprint inside their body.  This fingerprint is called their DNA fingerprint.  It’s a fingerprint made up not of folds of skin but of something called DNA – molecules that contain the instructions to create their bodies.  This fingerprint was created at the very moment that their life began, and it will be the same for their entire life.  The molecules that make up this fingerprint are inside all of their cells – in their hair, their skin, even their blood.   The unique DNA fingerprint is one of the reasons that we know that a preborn child inside his or her mother’s womb is a human from the moment that their life started – at conception.

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