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June 3, 2014 / BTM

Who Were You Before You Were Born?

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If you have been pregnant, either in the past or right now, think back to your first ultrasound.  What was your reaction when you first saw that little person moving around on the technician’s screen?  For many of us, it is a mix of surprise and awe.  Why is that?

Are we surprised to see a miniature version of ourselves inside the womb?  Are we surprised at the level of development?  Given how available ultrasound videos and images are on the internet, no child should reach their tweens without knowing what they looked like at various stages of their preborn life.  No child should be surprised to see how developed he or she was at various early stages of their life.  In short, no one should be surprised at what they see in their own ultrasound images.

However, most people who advocate for women to have a ‘choice’ to carry their preborn child would like to see my blog post’s title changed from WHO you were before you were born to WHAT you were before you were born.  But changing the question in this way completely ignores the law of biogenesis.


According to the law of biogenesis, all living things only reproduce after their own kind.  This means that frogs only beget frogs, oak trees only beget oak trees and humans only beget humans.  This seems very basic, but it also means that a preborn baby is fully human from the moment of conception, not at some other arbitrary point along their developmental path.

Who you were before you were born is synonymous with what you were before you were born.

So then, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a miniature version of ourselves on the ultrasound screen.  Even though most of us religiously follow the week-by-week development of the preborn child that we are carrying,  we don’t often translate that into a visual of what is being ‘aborted’ when a woman or man makes a ‘choice’ about carrying a child to full term or not.

By the time most of us realize we are pregnant (6 to 8 weeks depending on how much attention you are paying to it, or how sick you are) a preborn is recognizable as a human .  Just check out any week-by-week development website.  These statistics come from the Mayo Clinic’s site.

At six weeks a preborn baby has a heart beat, basic facial features, passageways that will create the inner ear and jaw, small arm and leg buds.

At eight weeks, in addition to the above, the baby has recognizable arms and legs, fingers are forming, ears and eyes are visible, upper lip and nose have formed and the body begins to straighten.

In other words, a preborn baby looks like the miniature human that he or she is.  But even before he or she looks recognizable as a human, he or she is a human.

I think that no child should reach their teens without knowing having had the chance to see what a baby looks like at its various stages of development, and to know with certainty that al pregnancies involve a preborn human.  Here is a very cool one to start out with:

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