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March 3, 2015 / BTM

Apologetics for Kids: Free Resources for Parents


Are you looking for material to help you teach your young children about Christian apologetics? Four years ago, so was I. But I couldn’t find anything that was designed to be hands-on, memorable and fun.

So I started to invent activities to teach our kids the basics about Christian apologetics. For a long time I’ve been meaning to corral all my training materials into one place, and in some kind of logical order.

This post does just that.

Consider the window of influence you have to train your children to have and hold on to a faith in God throughout their lives.

I’m not talking about a blind faith. And I’m not suggesting that your kids should have faith in God just because you do.

I’m suggesting that you investigate the evidence for and against God’s existence with your children and help them to understand where the weight of evidence lies. And I’m suggesting that you do it now before alternative ideas are taught in school.  If you do, you’ll help your kids to be prepared to think critically about what they learn.

How long do you have to actively teach your children about your faith?

Not a ton of time. The largest window you have to is when they are young. That is when they naturally spend more time with you. When your children are teens, they will have less time and less interest. That’s just a fact.

Spring break is around the corner. Why not take advantage of it and spend even 15 minutes a day teaching your kids about a new topic. That’s what I’m going to be doing!

Here are some ideas that I’ve used:


Can we trust the Bible and its authors?  How to we know that the Bible isn’t made up, that it has been faithfully handed down over time, and that the disciples didn’t lie in the gospels.

Does the Bible Tell the Real Story About Jesus?

Who Wrote The Bible?

Who Decided Which Books to Include in the Bible?

Can We Determine How Much the Bible has Changed Over Time?

Activity: Who Got to Pick What Went Into the Bible – Who Could Write the Best Story About Your Life?

Why Aren’t the Gospel Accounts Identical to Each Other?

When Are Enemies Useful?

Did the Disciples Lie?

Can We Trust the Bible’s Eyewitnesses?

Teaching Your Kids That the Bible is the Right Map For Their Lives


Finding the Fingerprints of God  In this series I explore scientific evidence and discuss whether or not it shows evidence for or against God. Does science point toward the existence of God or away from Him? What does science tell us about the origin of life and the origin of the universe?  Together with your kids, learn about six of the most compelling pieces of evidence for a Creator/Intelligent Designer of the universe and life through this series.

Finding the Fingerprints of God

How Do We Find The Fingerprints of God?

Ever Wonder Why We Even Have a Universe?

Fingerprint #1: Who is the Big Banger?

Fingerprint #1: What’s Inside This Box?

God’s Fingerprints Across the Universe

Fingerprint #2: The Universe is Perfect!

My Journey From Fear to Fascination with the Universe

Fingerprint #3: Earth is Designed For Life!

God Left His Fingerprints Inside Your Body

Fingerprint #4: Machines Inside Us!

The Most Compelling Fingerprint

Bonus Fingerprint: Does the Fossil Record Support Evolution?

Fingerprint #6: God’s Fingerprints Inside the Earth!


The Resurrection of Jesus: Fact or Fabrication?  Did Jesus actually rise from the dead? How do we know for certain?

For tweens and teens:

How Certain Can We Be That Jesus Actually Died and Rose Again From the Dead? (Resurrection of Jesus Bible Study)

The Resurrection of Jesus: Which Explanation Fits the Minimal Facts? (Resurrection Bible Study, Part 2)

For younger children: The CASE for the Resurrection Eggs – inspired by the Resurrection Eggs idea, these eggs introduce children to the minimal facts – why we can have confidence that Jesus actually did rise from the dead.

The Case for the Resurrection Eggs plus Egg #1

The Case for the Resurrection Egg #2

The Case for the Resurrection Egg #4

Case for the Resurrection Egg #5

Case for the Resurrection Egg #6


Teaching Critical Thinking Skills  Good questions and the ability to ask them appropriately are the marks of a good mind.  Kids who do not ask questions of their surroundings or circumstances are often following without thinking.  This is precisely what we do not want out kids to do in a world that is becoming more actively hostile to the claims of Christianity.

The Importance of Critical Thinking: Why You Should Encourage All Those ‘Why’ Questions

How Do You Nurture Critical Thinking In Your Child?

How Would You Respond To These Statements?

What Do All of These Statements Have In Common?

Please, Make It Stop!


Teaching Kids to Start to Study the Bible for Themselves  How to you transition from hand-holding to getting your kids reading and thinking about the Bible for themselves?

I’ve Discovered An Error in How We’ve Been Teaching The Bible

Teaching the Meta-Story of the Bible

What Difference Does Studying The Bible Make?

Which Would You Rather Have? (Teaching kids the importance of reading the Bible for themselves)

How Can You Help Young Kids Begin To Chew On The Bible?


Prolife Apologetics for Kids  When does life begin? Do humans start off human, or as something else? What scientific evidence is there to support the prolife position?

Prolife Apologetics for Kids

Who Were You Before You Were Born?

This Used To Be You!


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  1. Jonathan Wood / Mar 4 2015 11:05 am

    Reblogged this on The Woodshed and commented:
    As a parent, I’m always interested in age-appropriate resources to teach my kids why they should believe the Bible and give them reasons to present to others as they grow up. Here’s a great list.

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